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Mi name is Antonio Diez and I’m passionate about Meditation and Mindfulness, I work as a Multimedia Designer / Musician,  In 2020 I decided to put my grain of sand towards the advancement of human consciousness by producing this website.

The objective of Holos is the propagation of tools that facilitate mind training and soul growth, you’ll find Talks, Guided Mindfulness Meditations, Music for relaxation and focus, all of this created and distributed under a creative commons license, making it free for all 🙂

Holos content is focused on personal growth and consciousness expansion, this website is made possible by the commitment of hundreds Creators, Teachers, Photographers, Musicians, Philosophers etc. I greatly appreciate the effort put by all of them in the advancement of our mind and souls.

My wish is that this tool will further enhance your development, Hugs and thanks for visiting.

Train your mind ~ Mind your Soul